Ok here is my deck list:

Monsters: 27

3x Legendary Six Samurai Kizan


Legendary Six Samurai- Shi-en, the ace of this deck.

3x Grandmaster of the Six Samurai

2x Great Shogun Shien

2x The Six Samurai Irou

2x The Six Samurai Zanji

3x Legendary Six Samurai Kageki

2x Kagemusha of the Six Samurai

2x Six Samurai Nisashi

2x Six Samurai Yariza

3x Legendary Six Samurai Mizuho

3x Legendary Six Samurai Shinai

Spells/Traps: 18

1x Gateway of the Six

2x Six Samurai United

2x Breakthrough!

2x Shien's Dojo

2x Return of the Six Samurai

2x Six Strike Triple Impact

3x The Warrior Returning Alive

2x Rivalry of Warlords

2x Six Samurai Scrolls


Extra Deck

2x Legendary Six Samurai Shi En

Number 34 Terror-Byte

Heroic Champion Excalibur

Blade Armor Ninja

Number 39 Utopia

Number 17 levyathan Dragon

Shadow of the six samurai-Shien.

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