Here is my god card deck

3x Slifer the sky dragon

3x The Winged Dragon Of Ra

3x Obilisk The Tormentor

3 Marshmellon

2 Spirit Reapers

2 Reborn Tangus

2 Danylions

1 Junk Forwards

1 Morphing Jar

spell and trap

3 Ookazi

3 Dian Keto The Cure Master

3 Reckless Greeds

2 Infinate Cards

3 Gold Sarcoughges

1 Return From A Different Dimension

1 Monster Reborn

2 Pot Of Duelality

3 Ground Collapse

1 Book Of Moon

3 Negate Attacks

2 Double Summons



3 Number 17 Levyathan Dragon.

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