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Welcome to the Yu-gi-oh! Dueling SQuad Wikia! This is a wiki for dueling, polls,card tactics, and even a deck archive! This wiki and its users are not associated with the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, Konami, or Shonen Jump in any way.

This is a wiki that everyone can edit. Help us get the start we need!
  • TechGenusMaster, AKA Vizor, the Founder of the Wiki and the leader of the Three Pure Nobles on this Wiki.
  • Heaven Satoshi, AKA His Majesty Jack, one of the Three Pure Nobles on this Wiki.
  • NMBRHNTR64, AKA Yuma, one of the Three Pure Nobles of this Wiki.
  • NutterButter12, AKA Paradox, one of the Three Pure Nobles on this Wiki.
  • TheNordicKing, AKA Allfather Haldor, a frequent visitor to the Wiki.
  • Ulqurow, AKA Crow, R.I.P. (Former member)

-TechGenusMaster (talk)

Duels are now directed to the Chat Room to avoid flooding of comments. We are happy with this improvement, and hope your experience is enhanced with Wikia's Instant Chat. Thanks for dueling with us! 

We are Black and Blacker than ever

Scratch that last comment, we are now dead as the grim reaper himself

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A new section to the Wiki!

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This Week's Poll is in!

Which of the following classic Yu-gi-oh cards is your favorite?

The poll was created at 00:40 on November 10, 2012, and so far 24 people voted.

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